Burke's Tractor Party

We celebrated Burke's 3rd birthday this past weekend with a few of his buddies and some family. It was a smaller gathering than usual and pretty much just thrown together since his birthday sort of sneaked up on me with all of the craziness of packing and moving and such. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he gave me two criteria: chocolate and tractor cake. So we went with it and this is what we came up with. Nothing too fancy, but {from what I heard} a delicious cake!! :)

Since I wasn't doing a whole lot with the tractor theme decoration-wise {no time!}, I decided to buy some corn at our local feed mill {although I'm sure a place like Tractor Supply would have it too} and use it to fill some kiddie pools. It came in 50lb bags and one bag was plenty for the smallest sized kiddie pool. We used two to fill the bigger one. We scrounged up all the tractors and diggers and buckets we could find and let the kids have a blast. It kept them entertained forever! And those errant pieces of corn in the grass? No worries! My dad came up with the genius idea of using his shop vac to get them all up in seconds. Once we move, I'm definitely going to be having one of these permanently in our back yard to keep the kiddos entertained!

I knew Burke {and the other kiddos} would LOVE having a real tractor to sit on and check out, so I asked my mom to call their neighboring farmer friend and ask him to drive his tractor over. So he graciously obliged and brought his tractor complete with a wagon hitched to the back! The kids loved just dancing and jumping and hanging out getting dirty in the wagon. I had no expectation of a tractor ride, but at the end of the party our farmer friend offered and he made a lot of kiddos days! We all piled into the back of the wagon and he took us all the way over to his farm so the kids could see the cows and goats. We pulled in just as it was starting to rain, and everyone will tell you that it was the best tractor ride they ever had!

All in all it was an amazing day and it's so fun to watch our little man grow up!

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